Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!

Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!! This is a blog provided by the Hidden Reef staff so that you, the customer, can stay most informed about everything concerning our store.

Below, you can get a picture of what you will see when you walk into our store. Every picture on this blog was taken in our store and is the livestock that we proudly display for sale on a weekly basis. On top of that, there is so much more that is not pictured!

If there is every anything specific you were looking for, don't hesitate to call us or post it here on the blog. Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions about our store or your tank, just post them or call us! We are always available to help you with a question about our store or your aquarium!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A trip down memory lane

The Hidden Reef started as a small, 1400 square foot aquarium shop in Northeast Philadelphia. It was everyone's favorite little hidden place in the northeast shopping center. It was quite a small store, but it was packed with a lot of greatness. After 10 years of being there, a fire, unfortunately, led to the demise of that store. However, we are now, back up and running at a much larger, 20,000 square foot store in Levittown, PA. This store is just 15-20 minutes from our old location.

Though our location may have changed, and our store may be much larger now, and there may be many new faces working at the store, our core foundation remains strong. We are a store that operates because of you. We care about our customers more than anything, and for this reason, we offer only the highest quality fish and livestock, as well as the lowest prices on all of our aquariums and dry goods!!

If you have not been to our new location yet, please check out the pictures on this page and give our store a visit. You will not be disappointed!!!!

Freshwater Fish

On top of having one of the largest saltwater stocks in Pennsylvania, we also have a very large selection of freshwater fish, both large and small. Our selection ranges from goldfish, angels, discus, African and South American cichlids, live bearers, gouramis, barbs and much more!!

We also stock large freshwater fish. In the store right now, we have large oscars, large pacus, large red devils and butterkoferi's, a huge albino pleco, large parrotfish, and oh yeah, that big guy pictured to the right (our arrowana) All of these fish are for sale at very low prices.

If you have questions on anything, just leave us a comment or call us at the store if you would like a very expedient response.

Rare fish? Oh yeah, we have that!

We were always known for getting in fish that were "different" and that you really did not see anywhere else. On top of your typical fare like PJ and Banggai Cardinals, Royal Grammas, Six Line Wrasses, etc.; we also get a fair share of rare fish as well. Right now, in the store, we have 3 stripey microcanthus, a gold back trigger, a gold heart trigger, an akindynos clown from Australia, a beautiful pair of allard's clowns from Africa, a male flame wrasse, exquisite wrasses, and Newton's wrasses.

In the recent past, we have had helfrichi firefish, black tangs, blue carpet anemones, rhombadalus wrasses, mystery wrasses, and much more!!


At The Hidden Reef, our invertebrate section is always stocked with the animals that you want for your tank. As far as inverts go, we have detritus-eating slugs, peppermint shrimp, emerald crabs, 5 different types of snails (turbos, margaritas, astreas, cerith, nassarius), 3 different types of hermit crabs (scarlets, blue legs, and red legs), lettuce nudibranches, brittle stars, chocolate chip stars, marble stars, bubble and rose anemones, pink tip anemones, sebae anemones, sea hares, and so much more!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking for hippo tangs?

We have awesome hippo tangs in stock right now! We are running a sale on our hippo tangs, where you can get a small hippo tang at 34.99. Also, we have small yellow belly hippo tangs at an extremely low price of 59.99. Get them while you can!!

New Shipment Arrived

The Hidden Reef received a new shipment today, Monday, February 25th. In that shipment was a ton of very nice fish, inverts, and corals. Some of the things that stick out:

Very nice small flame angels - 49.99
beautiful true percula clowns - 29.99
tank raised sea horses - 29.99
small humu humu triggers - 15.99
a juevnile annularis angel - 44.99
a small banded cat shark - 49.99
tiny snowflake eels - 16.99
volcano red starfish - 69.99
pink tip anemones - 29.99
small powder blue tangs - 49.99

Come and check out our great nice fish and corals!! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us.
Our phone number is 215-269-4930.