Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!

Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!! This is a blog provided by the Hidden Reef staff so that you, the customer, can stay most informed about everything concerning our store.

Below, you can get a picture of what you will see when you walk into our store. Every picture on this blog was taken in our store and is the livestock that we proudly display for sale on a weekly basis. On top of that, there is so much more that is not pictured!

If there is every anything specific you were looking for, don't hesitate to call us or post it here on the blog. Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions about our store or your tank, just post them or call us! We are always available to help you with a question about our store or your aquarium!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big South American cichlids!!

This update has six shots of some of our large South American cichlids. Below, there are pictures of one of our Asian Red flowerhorns, our true Alligator gar!, a 14" peacock bass, a golden knifefish, our XL marble sailfin catfish, and another of our peacock bass. Not pictured is our 15 inch arrowana, our large butterkoferi cichlids, and many others.


We found a phenomenal supplier for African cichlids who specializes in tank raised Africans. The Africans we got in include Tropheus duboisis, tropheus yellow sides, cyphy frontosa, tropheus moori, julii burundis, super red pulcher kribensis (not an African, however), and a few other different species. A few sample shots can be seen below.

Sweet frags at The Hidden Reef

We have a ton of aqua-cultured frags at The Hidden Reef. You can see pictures below of our oxypora, purple tip monti, pectina, and red monti. We also have some yellow turbinaria, green/blue staghorn, birdsnest, and acropora species. On top of those, I have also included shots of our purple fungia, huge elegance coral, and favia.