Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!

Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!! This is a blog provided by the Hidden Reef staff so that you, the customer, can stay most informed about everything concerning our store.

Below, you can get a picture of what you will see when you walk into our store. Every picture on this blog was taken in our store and is the livestock that we proudly display for sale on a weekly basis. On top of that, there is so much more that is not pictured!

If there is every anything specific you were looking for, don't hesitate to call us or post it here on the blog. Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions about our store or your tank, just post them or call us! We are always available to help you with a question about our store or your aquarium!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New shipment 6/22

We received a phenomenal shipment of saltwater fish and coral today! Among the things we received were:

-beautiful unicorn tangs for only $22.99
-very nice coral beauty angels for 22.99
-a magnificient Red Sea regal angel (129.99)
-a beautiful blue face angel (139.99)
-a small, and incredibly colorful passer angel (109.99)
-black and gold chromis
-tiny red nano gobies! (12.99!)
-a pair of diamond gobies (39.99)
-a pair of moorish idols (99.99)
-a great looking large hippo tang (89.99)
-small foxfaces for only 26.99
-red stripe cardinal fish
-an awesome looking jansen wrasse
-awesome looking mature niger triggers for 39.99
-a beautiful show size formosa wrasse
-yellow tail and redtail tamarind wrasses
-a small leopard wrasse
-Fantastically-colored long tentacle anemones for 34.99
-cleaner, peppermint, and fire shrimp
-electric blue hermit crabs!
-sand sifting stars
-Plus 100 new corals, including a beautiful elegance, very nice hammers, torches, and frogspawn, great green zoas, and much more!

ALONG WITH SO MUCH MORE! If something you were looking for was not listed above, don't hesitate to call us or post here or over on our Twitter account!! We will get back to you on your requests ASAP!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New shipment

Due to some technological difficulties, I am just going to have to list what we got in and include a few pictures of our new stock. This post is coming from my Iphone, so uploading massive amounts of pictures is a little bit on the difficult side.

We got in a ton of nice corals like a beautiful pink elegance, awesome large hammer, two beautiful acros, a bunch of cool mushrooms, and some very nice zoas.

As far as fish go, we got:
great small powder blue tangs - $49.99
large yellow tangs - on sale for 35.99
red sea niger trigger - 119.99
flame angels - 44.99
pearly jawfish - 19.99
large snowflake eels - 44.99
an awesmoe white spot grouper - 44.99
chalk basslets, royal grammas, sixline wrasses
great small volitan lions - 25.99
peppermint shrimp
awesome flame pipefish - 22.99
very nice orange seahorses - 119.99
tiny clown trigger - 44.99
a beautiful pair of caudovi angels - 199.99 for the pair
an awesome large passer angel - 129.99
zebra urchins - 17.99
greenback fairy wrasse - 44.99
bluespot jawfish - 89.99
cleaner shrimp - 17.99

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

XXL Mappa Puffer!

Two days ago, we got in a huge XXL show-size Mappa Puffer. This fish is absolutely gorgeous and has a ton of personality. He has not stopped swimming right in front of the glass since we put him in the tank. He is not not exhibiting any heavy breathing, and is eating krill and squid. We know that many of our customers have 400+ gallon fish only aquariums. For those interested, He is selling for $399.99.

Pond Blowout sale!!

The Hidden Reef is happy to announce that we are having a mega blowout on all Hozelock Cyprio items. We have some cannister filters, skimmer boxes, pumps, and UV sterilizers all on sale for 50% off. We have a limited supply on these items, so make sure to come in while supplies last!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just a few recent shots from the store. We have a ton of great corals in stock, beautiful discus, many vibrant koi and pondfish, and a lot of unique freshwater fish. And as always, if you have any special requests for a certain fish, let us know and we will do our best to bring it in for you.