Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!

Welcome to The Hidden Reef's blog!!! This is a blog provided by the Hidden Reef staff so that you, the customer, can stay most informed about everything concerning our store.

Below, you can get a picture of what you will see when you walk into our store. Every picture on this blog was taken in our store and is the livestock that we proudly display for sale on a weekly basis. On top of that, there is so much more that is not pictured!

If there is every anything specific you were looking for, don't hesitate to call us or post it here on the blog. Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions about our store or your tank, just post them or call us! We are always available to help you with a question about our store or your aquarium!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few quick updates!

On top of our normal saltwater shipment that we got on Monday, The Hidden Reef has a lot more going on for this week.

-In the freshwater order we received yesterday, we got algae eating shrimp, cherry shrimp, and over 100 aquatic plants. We still have 24k gold tetras in stock, black ghost knives, and some very nice German blue rams and apistos!

-We also received some huge hyacinth pond plants, as well as some gorgeous pond lettuce plants.

-Lastly, we finally have tadpoles and betta fish back in stock too! We know that many people were looking for these and we finally were able to get them in for you.

-This week, we will have a large order of tigger pods coming in, along with a huge saltwater tank raised fish and invertebrate order!

Stay tuned for more pictures!

Summer Time Sweetness!

This summer may have started off with a declining economy and higher gas prices, but the Hidden Reef is rewarding all of its loyal shoppers who keep coming back! As a way to thank all of our customers for their continued and constant shopping at our store, we have been running some very nice sales each and every week.

Over the past four weeks, the sales have been unbeatable. It all started the week leading up to the 4th of July when we had purple tangs at 69.99, maroon clowns at 12.99 and firefish at 3.99. Then, we had a sale on baby clown triggers (14.99) and our explosive koi sale over the 4th of July. The following week, we had sales on clean-up crews, where we had blue leg hermit crabs at .39, Mexican turbo snail sales where you could get 10 large for 14.99, and large bubble tip anemones at 14.99, as well as sales on acros, zoas, and frags. Last week, we put a sale up on flame angels, where they sold for 24.99, and black cap basslets at 24.99 also. This week, the sales continue. We have baby kole tangs at 12.99 and coral cats at 4.99. You can't beat these prices and they are going to keep going on each week.

Also, as a little disclaimer, I wouldn't want you to be fooled. Most places that run sales only bring in a few of the particular sale item to mislead and trick consumers. We're not doing that. When we have sales, we have enough so that the people who want them, get them. We had over 300 blue leg hermits for the .39 sale, 15 flame angels last week, 15 clown triggers the week before, and this week, we have 12 baby kole tangs and many coral cats. Come on over and check us out, you will not be disappointed.

For your viewing pleasure, we have also included some snap shots of some of our current stock to whet your appetite. You can see pictures of our lunula trigger, some of our awesome corals in stock, our seahorses, the zebra mantis shrimp we have in, and much more!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Sales at The Hidden Reef

Before we begin this blog post, I just want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the fourth of July with The Hidden Reef! We had a very busy weekend and we want to thank you for all of the support. We blew out all of the ridiculously cheap purple tangs and firefish we had and the comets and koi we had for sale flew out of the tanks also!

Rest assured though, if you missed us last week, we have some new sales for this week!

As far as fish, we have some really nice sales going on this week. We have juvenile clown triggers going for only 14.99! If you ever had the urge to set up a little fish only with live rock tank for one of these little guys, this week is the time to do it! These guys usually cost anywhere from $40 to $70! Also, we have a beautiful black dogface puffer that is for sale this week as well. This week only, the black dogface will be only $99.99!!

The Hidden Reef is also running some awesome sales on inverts and clean-up crews as well. We have a ton of really nice green bubble tip anemones on sale for $14.99. We also have cleaner shrimp back in stock too, and they are going for $19.99.

With clean-up crews, we are running two really nice sales. We have a sale going on for Mexican turbo snails, where they are only $1.49 each. Better than that, we are running a one week only sale on blue leg hermit crabs. Usually, they are .99, but this week, you can get them for .69! On top of that, we are offering a great discount if you buy them in bulk. If you get at least ten, the price moves down to .39!! That means you can get 10 hermit crabs for just $4! That is a savings of 60% the regular price!!!

The Hidden Reef also has a bunch of very nice corals in stock too. On top of a few large colonies of zoanthids, we got in a few beautiful elegances, 5 highly colorful acroporas, 2 emerald green long tentacle plates, great looking hammers and frogspawns, and many others.

I will try to have pictures of everything posted by tomorrow! Stay tuned!!

The Hidden Reef

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Incredible Koi Now for Sale!!

This week only, we will be offering incredible prices on close to 100 premium koi that we have in stock! You can see pictures below of these beauties in the acclimation tubs. The prices are:

19.99 for 8"
39.99 for 10-12"
59.99 for 15"
79.99 for 20"

Anyone who knows koi knows that these prices are UNBEATABLE! You will not see gorgeous koi like these for such a great price. Come on in for our special fourth of July blowout sale on koi and really impress your guests at your BBQ this weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Come Celebrate Independence Day at The Hidden Reef!

While it seems every other place is gouging the consumer's wallet, we would like to try and help you save money on the things you love. Monday, June 30th, we got a great shipment of fish and invertebrates and the prices are unbeatable!!

First off, we are running three incredible sales this week. We have red firefish at 3.99 (normally 11.99), small goldstripe maroon clowns at 12.99 (normally 34.99), and purple tangs at only 69.99 (normally 119.99-159.99)!!

On top of those things, we got in a few rare fish as well. We have a helfrichi firefish in (129.99), bluespot jawfish (89.99), large brazilian queen angel (189.99), garibaldi damsel (129.99), XL smoothhound shark (SOLD already), Exquisite male fairy wrasse (59.99), and a greenback fairy wrasse (39.99).

Along with those, we have our normal fantastic prices on all of the fish reef hobbyists love. We have flame angels (44.99), pearly jawfish (19.99), carpenter's fairy wrasse (34.99), potter's angel (59.99), green chromis (both small and large), scooter blennies (both regular and red), diamond gobies, tiger wardi gobies, pinkspot and bluespot watchman gobies, flame hawkfish, baby clown tangs (22.99), yellow tangs (29.99 and 39.99), baby hippo tangs (29.99), Desjardini tangs (89.99), and so much more!

For the aggressive fish keepers, we got in small clown triggers (39.99), small humu humu triggers (15.99), large volitan lions (49.99), an Australian harlequin tusk (79.99), majestic and blue face angels (139.99 and 149.99), and a shaggy angler (34.99).

We also restocked our clean-up crew and inverts section with Mexican turbo snails, astrea snails, cerith snails, blue leg hermit crabs, sand sifting starfish, an extra large chocolate chip star, and very nice portions of chaetomorpha algae.

We got in large crocea clams, as well as red tree sponges. On top of that, our coral shipment is coming in today, so check back later for a post about those items as well. Below, you can see a few pictures of our fish in stock right now.

If you have any questions, contact us by phone (215-269-4930) or by leaving us a comment here on the blog. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the store.